Malaria. HIV/AIDS. Clean water. Vaccines. Education. Agriculture. Women’s rights.

Our trip-planning services focus on designing and leading programs that provide you an understanding of complex issues—most often in the developing world. We understand that experiencing the local impact of global issues firsthand is both powerful and daunting. At Tiller, we identify and facilitate the meetings, roundtables, site visits, and other experiences required to build trips tailored to your specific learning and advocacy objectives.

Whether the trip calls for high-level engagements with officials in a capital city or site visits to field efforts in a remote village, Tiller handles every detail. The result is a content-rich, high-impact program that breaks down cultural barriers and provides your team or delegation with a well-rounded understanding of the people, culture, and issues relevant to your work.

The Tiller approach results in an authentic, seamless experience that, while carefully coordinated, feels neither scripted nor choreographed.

Our comprehensive services include:

• Strategic planning and program conception
• Program development and scheduling
• Government relations
• Protocol support
• Media relations
• Language services
• Security management
• Logistics and travel
• Briefing and background materials development

We are alongside your delegation from start to finish — ensuring that the trip comes together as planned and attendees receive the desired education and experience.

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